Snapdragon Entertainment is a Wedding DJ, Event DJ, and Event Entertainment company operating in the Greater Charlotte, NC area. We are committed to offering personalized entertainment options for our clients, whether you are planning a wedding, corporate event, country club member event, or private gathering. We have an extensive network of fully vetted event industry professionals, so if you are in need of services other than our direct offerings, please reach out.


With 10 years as a DJ and over 20 in the event and hospitality industry, owner Jenny Retianu strives to make every Snapdragon Entertainment experience unique. Client relationships and amazing events are our top priority! Snapdragon Entertainment provides a customized approach in offering entertainment. We connect with our clients in person or over the phone throughout the planning process to ensure your vision and the final product are in sync.

Jenny Retiano, DJ Services, Snapdragon Entertainment, Charlotte NC

Feedback from our clients:

"Jenny was the DJ for our wedding in May and we couldn't have asked for a better experience. She is professional but personable and went above and beyond to make sure our day was perfect. I highly recommend her!!"  Jenny, Bride

"Jenny is great. I've used her for multiple events and it's always a great experience. I continue to book with her because I know my event will be great when she's the DJ!" Anne, Country Club Events 

"Jenny does an excellent job! Her communications before the event are outstanding and make the events run as smooth as possible. Her ability to lead the crowd and follow the energy within the group makes her a great resource for a planner that wants their attention-to-detail matched during the event." Charlotte, Event Coordinator

"Jenny has always been a consummate professional in her job. I have been a regular at an establishment for 6 years because of her entertainment. She is always prompt and organized and continually develops new content for her customers creating a positive experience and keeping all of us coming back. Great work and highly recommended." David, Trivia guest

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